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The five words best describe Tile and Grout Gurus. We are a highly reputable tile cleaning and grout cleaning company that has provided superior services for over 10 years. You want to hire a tile and grout cleaning business that you can trust with access to your home and that performs the job right the first time. We operate powerful, yet safe high-pressure vacuum cleaners that extract the toughest grime and stains from your tile floors in a timely manner. By thoroughly reviewing every inch of your tiles and grouts, we can then make an estimate on how much the project costs, as well as detail the equipment and cleaning materials needed to perform the job. All of the integrity, experience, efficiency, and affordability means nothing if we do not produce positive results.

Ask our regular customers why they continue to call us for their tile and grout cleaning projects. It’s all about the results they expect from our professionally trained experts of floor cleaners.

Let’s get back to integrity. You hire a floor cleaning company to clean your tiles and grout. They do a remarkable job removing the wine stains that changed the grout color from white to red. They buffed the tiles until it appears as if you set a new tile floor in your kitchen. After a few final touches, the company leaves another satisfied customer’s home. The problem is the company knows you’ll call again in a couple of months for another round of tile cleaning and grout cleaning. How does the company know this? They did not apply a protective sealant after they cleaned your tile floor.

Tile and Grout Gurus wants you to remain a customer with us for years and because of our mission to attract lifelong customers, we inform you from the start that as part of our services, we apply a protective sealant on your tile and grout after we finish cleaning the floor. The protective sealant prevents red wine from staining the white grout and your children’s food from collecting in the cracks on the tile floor. Instead of calling us once every few months, you save money by calling us maybe once a year…

…and then you tell your friends about our integrity.

Tile and grout cleaning companies can go on all day about using most advanced steamers and potent cleaning solutions. They can talk about affordability all day long, but how affordable is a tile cleaning and grout cleaning company if you need them to clean your tile floors four times a year?

Tile and Grout Gurus not only provides efficient and affordable tile and grout cleaning services that produce the results you want from a professional team of tile floor cleaners, we also do our job with incomparable integrity. In an era of rapidly increasing numbers of shady businesses, you want to hire a company that you trust inside of your home to accomplish all of the tasks required for a successful tile and grout cleaning job.

Call one of our professionally trained technicians at 866-290-0909 to schedule your free estimate today!